1873 Dbq Research Paper

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In the 1870s, backing for Reconstruction policies favoring racial equality had decreased in America. The reason for this was because the majority of white southerners had turned to violence and terrorization to prevent African-Americans from voting in an attempt to reestablish white control in the South. Various decisions made by the Supreme Court in 1873 resulted in very little federal support for the new laws. This included the 14th and 15th Amendment which allowed blacks to become actual citizens and gave them the right to vote. To contribute to the issue, Ulysses S. Grant’s administration was accused of being fraudulent and the economy plummeted to a point of Depression which increased the dissatisfaction of Republicans. With the upcoming presidential election of 1876, the…show more content…
It was decided that it would take place in January of 1877 and consist of five senators, five United States representatives, and five Supreme Court justices. The members of the commission was comprised of seven Republicans, seven Democrats, and one independent. At the time of the commission’s discussions, the Republican associates of Rutherford B. Hayes secretly met with Democrats from the South in an attempt persuade them not to stop the formal counting of votes through procrastination and allow the election of Hayes. A month later, the Democrats decided to consent to the winning of Rutherford B. Hayes. They also agreed to honor the rights of blacks. For this, the Republicans had to remove federal soldiers from the South. Doing this basically gave full power to Democrats in the South. In sedition to these terms, the Republicans had to appoint an important southerner to his cabinet and to provide federal support for the Texas and Pacific Railroad. Agreeing to these terms gave Hayes more electoral votes, which ultimately led to him winning the election and becoming
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