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Purpose: It has long been known that some of the most effective radioprotective agents are those which contain sulphydryl groups. The present study reports an evaluation of radioprotective property of sulphydryl group containing triazole derivative. Materials and methods: The lethal dose of Electron beam radiation (EBR) was studied by survival assay. The dose reduction factor (DRF) of 4-amino-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiole (ATT) was calculated by taking the ratio between LD50 of EBR with and without ATT treatment. The chromosomal level damage in mice was assessed by Micronucleus assay. The assay was carried out in bone marrow cells of mice, pretreated with ATT (100mg/Kg) for 15 days. The animal blood was used to assess the level of oxidative stress. Radiation induced DNA damage in human lymphocytes was assessed by comet assay parameters. Results: Survival assay results showed 10Gy EBR was the LD50 for albino mice. The dose reduction factor for ATT was found to be 1.2. Treatment of animals with ATT showed a significance (P<0.05) decrease in oxidative stress and micronuclei formation. Co...
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