16th Century England Letter to Future

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May, 3, 1578 Dear Person further in time, My birth name is A and I am 18 years old. I am writing this letter to help your age uncover the past and have a clearer idea on what life is like for me and for the people of my age. I am nothing but a peasant barely making it through the great sorrow we call life. Life is not that easy for the people of my time for you are very lucky to see tomorrow, you are lucky to see another second if you live in my time because every day that drags on, hundreds of unfortunate people die from malnutrition, disease, and devastating natural disasters. Don't think of England as an elegant, wealthy, organized country, that's only the rich areas where life is just a breeze and you have no worries because they are all taken care of by the lucky poor peasants who work for you just to see another day. I was born on August, 26, 1560 as poor as I am today, I was baptized on the third day of my life because this is a tradition everyone?s families has kept for more than 50 years! I was born into a family of 6, my mother Isabel, my father William, my brother Fredrick, my sister Elizabeth, and me. We are nothing but peasants barely making a living, we are so poor that the dirt on the cold hard ground has more value than we do. We are a very close family and we rely deeply on each other. All of us get along and no matter what we will always be there for each other for better or for worse. My father (if he is lucky) might have a job for the day so he can bring home the crumbs we call food. Lately though the job market hasn?t been very useful because everybody?s becoming poor and jobs are becoming scarce altogether. This means there are more jobs needed and fewer jobs out there. It would be a miracl... ... middle of paper ... ...ere are people out there that are poor, malnourished, and sick as a dog and have no family to take care of them. So if you have a bad day, don?t start with that ?woe is me? trying to get everybody to feel bad for you because there is someone out there that barely has a grip on life wishing they could live longer but knows their time?s only a tick away, and think there?s probably somebody that has it worse than that! I hope this letter has given you a better picture on what life was like for us during this century. Life was the slowest most painful experience God could ever put you through, but through all of this misery comes wisdom, appreciation, and most importantly opportunity. I hope you live a happy fulfilled life but live life appreciating everything you have because there is someone out there that wishes they could be you. Sincerely yours, A
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