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This paper is a summary of the data entered in an online questionnaire on 16Personnalities website. This website captures the personality traits of me and how I would lead and manage other people. The 16Personalities test indicated that I have an extraverted sensing feeling judging (ESFJs) personality with unpopular individual traits, role and strategy. The data collected by this test is used to assess my strengths and weakness, romantic relationship and my career path. The 16Personalities test goal is to help my career and unlock my career potential through theoretical models and studies. In order to do so, 16Personalities collects the data I entered in the questionnaire and then used the data to evaluate my personality type. Based on…show more content…
I am considered loyal and trustworthy as well as stable. Those who report to me value my intrinsic drive and my willingness to communicate to them. As for my weakness my social influence affects the way I perform, by the way I make my decision. Many would say "wear their hearts on their sleeves," (J Butt , P1). This mean my emotions are always visible to others, because I get defensive easy and often time is quite needy especially when it comes to my own values. My weakness has impacted on the people who report to me and they fear to approach me with sensitive situation, because they don’t how I might react especially when is from their beliefs. What surprised me about my result and what confirmed that you already know? I was not surprised about my result. As this was the answer I was expecting. The result connected me to ESFJs personalty and the feedback was accurate. For example ESFJs stated that I have good social cues, and how well I was accepted into my community. Also my result on weakness was correct when according to 16Personalities, I am reluctant to innovate or improvise, this mean I often get scared when I have to be different, this is a issue I face every day. Another was me being “inflexible” this means that I would sometime push myself too hard to get whatever I wanted. In which, is why I never quit whatever I started. This test is amazing and is so
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