1600s-1800s Religious Approaches

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416 words

The religious approaches of the people in America during the 1600s-1800s significantly transformed the religious landscape in the United States. Not only has it shaped our nation spiritually, but it has made a profound influence on social, political and ethical issues in America today. Individualism and democratic thoughts dates back to the Puritans, who originated from a movement to protest the Church of England. On a dangerous voyage across the Atlantic to the unknown lands, Winthrop delivered a sermon on the ship to those who were about to establish life in the New World. Winthrop encouraged his congregation to create a city upon the hill for “the eyes of all people are upon us”. He spoke words intended to challenge, and inspire his people.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how america's religious approaches in the 1600s-1800s transformed the religious landscape in america. it has shaped our nation spiritually and has made a profound influence on social, political, and ethical issues.
  • Explains that individualism and democratic thoughts date back to the puritans, who originated from a movement to protest the church of england.
  • Explains that the idea of religious freedom produced after the downfall of puritanism. charles finney, a major leader of the second great awakening, ignited revivalism as man being free to choose his spiritual destiny
  • Explains that the awakening reflected the enlightenment's way of life in free will and thoughts of god. benjamin franklin recognized the importance of presenting one’s self as virtuous.
  • Opines that the expansion of religion has mapped out not only the spiritual, but social and constitutional landscape of our country for many years to come.
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