For many years, participation in the American Care Health system was optional. However, in 2010 the Affordable Care Act bill was passed in congress. The ACA was enacted in hopes to increase the quality and affordability of health insurance. In order for health insurance companies to cooperate and lower insurance cost, an individual mandate was necessary. This bill includes subsidies for those with low income and provides insurance exchanges that increase coverage and affordability. Citizens are also able to receive insurance through private companies that are not in the exchanges or provided by employers. In addition, the ACA requires that insurance companies cover all applicants regardless of pre-existing conditions. The bill is to be officially effective in 2014. It is predicted that the population of uninsured citizen in 2020 will be at 7% compared to the 16.3% in 2010. Essentially, the ACA is a continuous work in progress that has not yet displayed its true outcomes.
Nonetheless, in comparison to the United States which consists of numerous health insurance companies both private and public, Germany has a universal multi-payer health care system with two main types of health insurance. The first is the law mandate insurance known as sickness funds and the other health insurance is through private companies. Similar to the ACA’s exchanges and subsidies the sickness funds applies to those below a specific income level. However, unlike the ACA’s exchanges the sickness funds allow for employer and their employees join. Like the ACA the sickness funds are mandated to provide a wide range of coverage and cannot refuse any customers based on biases. Furthermore, a small percentage of German citizens are covered by tax-funded governm...

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...escribe them medication. Medicine today is a constant topic that is discussed in society thus companies becoming an important implication in the social construction of illness. They create this sense of knowledge about the illness and attempt to persuade people that there is a simple solution to the problem such as medication. A solution to a problem that many did not even think it was a problem to begin with.
The social construction of illness has grown since pharmaceutical companies are now able to sell straight to the patients and no longer have o go through the doctors. Society has become obsessed with over medicalizing issues, that soon everyone will be diagnosed with an illness. If society has had a great impact on socially constructing illnesses by feeding into what consumers tell them or what they see in the media rather than looking at biological factors.
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