12 Years A Slave Analysis

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Saying 12 Years a Slave is a realistic film is an understatement. According to the British film director Steve McQueen, some people did not want the film made. He stated, “Some people want to close their eyes on some subjects. They don’t want to look behind them.” (Aspden 5). Others feel there have been too many films been made about slavery already, such as Roots, Django Unchained, and Amistad. 12 Years a Slave is a true story that needs to be told. In this writer’s opinion, it depicts the abuse of slavery in the United States with more intensity than any other film previously made. As of 2013, 12 Years a Slave earned $181 million dollars worldwide. It won an Academy Award in 2014 for Best Motion Picture of the Year. Academy Awards…show more content…
He lived freely in Saratoga Springs, New York with his wife and two children. He was a lured away from his home town with a job offer he could not refuse by two men. He was offered good money to play violin in a circus in Washington. He travelled with the men who treated him with respect and dignity. One night, while in the men’s company, he was drugged and became very ill. When he woke up, he was bound by chains and locked in a room in Washington, D. C. He realized he had been kidnapped. Every time he tried to explain he was a free man to his captures, they beat him and whipped…show more content…
The movie did not get any major historical events wrong. The film only deviated from the book with a few very minor details, such as Solomon actually having three children instead of two children. Instead of just being assigned to work with Tibeats in the movie, Solomon was actually sold to Tibeats by Ford to help pay back a debt. The movie also left out a second fight between Platt and Tibeats. Tibeats charged Platt with a hatchet, Platt fought with him, and ran away to hide in the bayou. There was another more minor mistake in the movie. In the film, both his children recognized him when came home to New York. In the autobiography, Margaret, Soloman’s youngest daughter, did not recognize him. This author thinks McQueen did this to make the film a little less heart-breaking than the

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