12 Angry Men Movie Analysis

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Introduction Prior to watching the movie 12 Angry Men, I had little knowledge on what the movie was about. I was procrastinating on the assignment, I dreaded the thought of watching an hour and a half movie completely in black and white. I had even debated watching the remake, particularly because it was not in color. Although, once I sat down and began watching the original film, my perspective changed. As a matter of fact, I found some parts of the movie humorous. Furthermore, I feel that the movie has deep meaning, and lessons that can be learned. Specifically, lessons on ethics, and leadership in tough situations. Ethics Surely, to address the ethical situations of this move we must first have a solid knowledge of ethics. Ethics can be…show more content…
In the beginning portion of the film, there was a scene where juror ten explained he had a son. He went on saying his son had ran from a fight, and that he was embarrassed by his son. He and his son fought, his son hit him, and they had not seen each other for two years. (Lumet, 1956) I found this scene interesting, because the defendant had fought with his own father, and still juror ten saw him as guilty. It was not until the last few scenes in the movie that I understood why juror ten was so adamant that the defendant was guilty. It seemed to me that he was still upset with his own son, and felt that he could reflect his anger on the defendant. This whole situation is unethical based on the lack of fairness to the defendant, he was prejudice because the defendant reminded him of his son. “Decisions should be made without favoritism or prejudice” (Josephson, 2002 pg. 13) Also, the juror had no care for the welfare of the defendant in making this decision, he was being selfish in his decisions. The selfish behavior shows a lack of responsibility. “Responsible people exercise self-control, restraining passions, and appetites for the sake of longer-term vision and better judgment.” (Josephson, 2002 pg.12) His personal matter should have not interfered with his
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