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The movie I have selected is a more recent release, Divergent, and is composed by German born composer Hanz Zimmer. Zimmer is a well-known movie composer and Divergent is only one film in his arsenal of films he has been the composer of. In this particular film he worked with groups like Snow Patrol and M83 and helped to write pieces such as: “I Won’t Let You Go” and “I Need You.” Both of these pieces help to indicate the importance that the actors were to one another during the movie and helped viewers to relate to the movie in their own lives. It can also be noted that the musical style of both of these pieces are more modern and utilize modern instruments throughout the entire piece. As will also be noted, they add to the drama that Zimmer in known for when he composes music for films and they help to tell the story of what is occurring among the different scenes.
“I Won’t Let You Go”
This first song is entitled “I Won’t Let You Go” and is performed by Snow Patrol, a more alternative Irish/Scottish group (SWD, n.d.). The purpose of this song in Divergent is to be a ...

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