1030 Hr Attack Case Study

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663 words

Synopsis: On 11-28-2015 at 1030 hrs. An Assault with a Deadly weapon occurred at 133 Industrial Way, San Jose/ Brother’s Inn (Men’s homeless shelter). Two clients (V- Rush and S-Lowe) get into a verbal argument in the day room of shelter. V-Rush borrowed $20 from the S-Lowe last month and paid him back last week, but today again suspect confront V-Rush to pay his money back, because of this they got into an argument. S-Lowe was drunk, so he starts hitting V-Rush on his face with both fists and he hit back. S-Lowe also took out a razor from his right side jacket pocket and swung it back and forth at V-Rush face and scream “I’m gonna cut you real good”. V-Rush backed up to save himself but he fell over into his back on the floor. S-Lowe stood …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how an assault with a deadly weapon occurred at 133 industrial way, san jose/ brother's inn.
  • Narrates how they were dispatched by communication to a reported assault with deadly weapon at 133 industrial way, san jose/ brother's inn (men’s homeless shelter).
  • Describes how they took s-lowe to st. james park to take him in custody for assault with a deadly weapon.

I was dispatched by communication to a reported Assault with a Deadly Weapon at 133 Industrial Way, San Jose/ Brother’s Inn (Men’s homeless shelter). I arrived at the shelter 1035 hrs. While I reached to the location, I saw a victim man, who is very badly injured on his face, and two other mans (Manager and client) in the Day Room of shelter. I also observed all the furniture in the day room was all turned over. I also advised communication to response a fire/ambulance for treatment of victim. I went to the victim ask for is identification and statement about the happened. After taking V-Rush statement, transported him to the county hospital by fire/ambulance EJ7 for health treatment. Then, I start getting more information about the incident from Witness’s. First, I contract with the shelter Manager and obtained his identification and statement regarding the incident. Second, I went to Client and obtained his identification and statement regarding to what happened. Both (Manager and client) were separated at the time of the interview. After the interview, I advise the communication to look for suspect at St. James park (1st St. & St.) and for his record check. I took 2 photos of the victim full body and 3 photos of injuries by point them. I also took 4 photos of the day room of shelter. All this photos was booked into the county jail later as police …show more content…

James Park to responded communication advised and to take suspect in custody. While, I reached to the park, I saw S-Lowe sit alone in the garden area I went close to him and advised him that he is under arrest for Assault with a Deadly Weapon by showing him the warrant against him. I request S-Lowe identification and after giving name and age he refused to talk. Then I advised him his Miranda right and he gave statement. I conducted a search of suspect (Lowe) for a weapon and I found a razor in his right side of jacket pocket, which has fresh blood on it. I took razor from suspect and also took 2 photos of it and booked photos and physical razor in evidences. Then at 1045 hrs. I secured his arm behind his back with handcuff and check it to make sure it is not so tight or loss and I placed him in the back seat of my car and transported to the jail. Where I took 4 photos of suspect and I advise county nurse to do blood test and alcohol test of suspect reports of tests later booked in evidence with the suspect 4

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