10 Good Reasons to Visit Ireland

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1. The clean freeh air of Ireland! Ireland doesn’t have the warmest climate of Europe – with temperatures in the summer months rarely averaging above 22°C. Getting off the beaten track in Ireland, to the rural areas of the country is the best way to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy beautiful scenec drives and walking routes. West Cork and Kerry, the Connemara region of Galway and North West Clare (around Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher) are some of the best places you can go to enjoy the open air.

2. The Warmth and Friendliness of the People. It is often said that you should never forget to bring a smile to Ireland, as it will be returned a hundred times to you. Irish people are generally very friendly and helpful, and will have the time always to give you directions, and advice as how to get to your destination and help you on your way.

3. Ease of access to Ireland. Ireland is no longer an expensive place to get to – you have great options to get to Ireland, whether by air or sea carriers. Ryanair and Aer Lingus offer competitive rates to get to Ireland and you have plenty of choice when selecting a travel method/route to Ireland. Today Ireland is easy to get to and get around. So book that car rental and get exploring the Emerald Isle!

4. Irish Food and Drink. It’s fair to say that Ireland is not blessed with the culinery delights of France, Spain or Italy, but you have a huge selection of international dineries in most large towns, with Chinese restaurants prominent for example. If dining in an Irish restaurant, you will certainly enjoy the taste of Irish cuisine, Irish stew made with lamb or beef is one dish, another is bacon and cabbage. These are the traditional foods enjoyed by the people! Seafood such ...

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... of Ireland have county and club teams, and the atmosphere at these games is just scintillating with great excitement. Croke Park, the home of the GAA is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. Make sure to try and catch a GAA match.

9. Culture - Irish Music and Dance. Wherever you are in Ireland, traditional faot tapping music will be played at informal sessions in original Irish pubs. You will be enthralled by the wonderful skill of the Irish dancer! The passion of Irish music passes from generattionto generation, and its high esteem in the hearts of Irish people and the visitor will never die.

10. Modern Cities. Another reason to plan a visit to Ireland for a vacation is its modern cities. Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway and Limerick are all home to stylish shopping malls and boutiques, chic nightclubs, tourist attractions and excellent restaurants.

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