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The previous year before I dove in high school, Pam Aagard was my diving coach for middle school. Even though I started diving my eighth grade year of middle school, I was pretty good at diving. On our first day of practice with almost fifty other swimmers and divers, I knew it was going to be a hectic day. As I walked in through the doors of the Worland Community Pool and sat on the deck already in my swim suit the head coach, Dawn Bellis, asked us a question.

“If there is anyone interested in diving please raise your hand.”

Myself just being just a newbie at this sport, I was terrified of water. In fact, as I sat there I said to myself over and over again.

“Why am I here? I don’t know how to swim at all, nonetheless dive.”

“The only thing I am good at is being rescued by a life guard.”

Instead of backing out and quitting, I did what I would never have thought I would have done in a million years. I took the chance and raised my hand in front of fifty other middle school kids.

Dawn stated, “Okay please go over to the diving board and you will meet with the diving coach, Mrs. Aagard.”

As I walked over to the board, I think I almost had a heart attack; however, Mrs. Aagard helped me a lot on the first day of practice. The very first thing Mrs. Aagard made me learn was an approach.

All I thought about was, “What the heck is an approach?” “You have to learn how to walk in diving, are you kidding me?”

She made all the divers learn an approach as they had to have one before they could go off the board. As competitive as I was, I never told myself I could not get this thing down. So as I walked on the concrete floor, walking back and forth learning a four-step approach, I had finally got that down.

Next Mrs. Aagard told...

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... from my mother continuing my education at the collegiate level as well as the athletic level too. Not many people I have told about what a great opportunity I get to have at the University of Wyoming, but now with the people who do know I will continue to dive at the Division I level with a coach who has not only coached the U.S. national team in China but is planning on taking divers of his own to the Olympic trials in 2016. Yahya, soon to be my collegiate diving coach has great plans in store, I know it. And the thing I would like to take with me later on in life is that no matter what you are going through there are people who care for you in this world. With the people who care for me today, I do not know where I would be. And I would like to thank everyone who has been there for me and has pushed me not only with my life, but with my athletics and academics.
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