1 Introduction

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In this Current age of globalization citizens are undergoing a shift from idly living to being part of the worldwide family. Today as part of fitting in with the versatilities of life, learning English as a means to communicate internationally is essential. This essence pinpoints the importance of learning English. This importance maybe the reason behind why we are starting to learn English at very tender ages. Researchers have been trying to prove this hypothesis that the younger the child, the higher their chances of becoming more proficient at a foreign language rather than later on in life and the most appropriate time to learn another language is between six and thirteen years of age. Some researchers have stated that second language acquisition reaches a critical stage during puberty, after which people usually do not learn a second language (Lenneberg (1967); Bickerton (1981) cited in Ara (2009)). Although if the appropriate circumstances aren’t prepared the early bird doesn’t always catch the worm. Researches have shown that if appropriate teaching situations aren’t met the r...
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