1: Caribbean Cruising

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"Oh, that's horrible," My aunt said, fluttering her bright blue eyes in surprise. "So, who's going to go on the cruise with me now?" "I'm sorry, Lydia," My mom said. "I can't go because my new job starts Monday and they need me there sooner than I thought. I can't get out of this, I'm really sorry." "Julia, do you know how long I've been waiting for this cruise?" Aunt Lydia asked mom. "I know how long, Lydia. It's just..." "So I'll repeat myself, who will accompany me on this cruise?" Aunt Lydia dropped in the seat across from me. Ever since Uncle Glenn died, Aunt Lydia hadn't been doing too well on her own. It had been a year since he died and she was still grieving. She didn't usually do things on her own and now that mom couldn't come with her, she was really upset about it. I was lying on the couch upside down with my feet in the air and my head almost on the floor, listening to the conversation between my mother and aunt. If this were a contest to see who was more upset, it would be my Aunt Lydia. She looked like she was on the verge of crying. "Well, Nathan is away at college, so he's out." Mom informed as she treaded back and forth across our living room floor like she always did when she was in deep thought. Nathan was my older brother. "But I already paid for two fares and the cruise is next week. I can't get my money back." She pouted. Mom didn't seem to hear her because she was still pacing back and forth with a small frown on her face. Suddenly, she stopped and looked at Aunt Lydia then me. "I know," She announced. "Remy can go." At the mention of my name, I sat up correct... ... middle of paper ... ...ort and brunette, I was tall and brunette. My eyes were a lighter shade than hers like my dads and I was sort of timid. Clara had had around four boyfriends since I had known her and I hadn't even had my first kiss yet, talk about pathetic right? I guess that was the reason I never had a boyfriend. My shy nature left me out on a lot of things. "Aunt Lydia and mom are taking me shopping before we leave." I explained. "God, you're so lucky. I can't believe you're complaining about this. If you say anything else about not wanting to go on this cruise, I'm going to scream and and drag you on it myself."I rolled my eyes playfully and smiled. "Alright, I won't talk about the cruise anymore. I really hope you can go. It'll liven up my time. You want to play some volleyball?" Clara scoffed. "Of course I do. I'll go change."

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