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Thankfully, there are many female-friendly churches today. However, many of these choose not to deal directly with the prohibitory verses (like 1 Corinthians 14:34-35), because they are obviously very, very anti-female. Most of these churches have the right heart; they just don’t have the new filter. They have not discovered the revolutionary truth you are receiving in this book. In these institutions, women are freer, but chains still do exist.
Without new glasses to see this old truth restored, some try to explain the prohibitions by saying they were only culturally relevant to Paul’s day. They mean that women had to be silent back then, but they don’t have to now. In their proposition, women in the Corinthian church were immature. They were being loud and disruptive, shouting out questions to their husbands from across the assembly. I don’t know where that interpretation started, but it does not fit with the context of the chapter, nor does it make any sense given the strict, prohibitive culture of that day. Women would not have gone from total silence to unruly, loud public behavior. Paul did not instruct them to “speak quietly.” He literally forbade even a sound from a woman when the church met.
Some of our more charismatic, prophetic type churches want very much to empower women. Thank you, Lord! But most still struggle with where to draw the line. They believe there must be a boundary for women somewhere, because of these prohibitory scriptures. To empower women, and yet honor the Word, they will set the bar as high as they feel comfortable. There is a huge difference in where the bar is set depending upon the church or denomination you visit. In most churches today, there are still some type of gender-based restrictions...

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...e, but they’re confused and torn between Paul’s words and God’s heart. Thankfully, Crown Her a King is working to reconcile these discrepancies, and is freeing leaders to follow God’s heart and His Word!
I pray you are now seeing that any restrictions on woman, based on 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, are not God’s will. Such thinking is a train car built by the enemy. It’s a false interpretation. Paul never meant to silence or limit women. In fact, he was silencing those who wanted to silence woman! The cancerous Chaldee lie was designed to harm God’s people, not to protect them. It was calculated manipulation on satan’s part. Like the lies of Hitler that led directly to the Halocaust, it is “an intricate web of lies… designed to ensure the cooperation of the condemned (but unknowing).”13
The cooperation of the condemned has been canceled. We no longer buy into the lie!
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