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To implement our recommendation of exporting Cleveland Whisky to Bangalore, India; Company needs to introduce new export process at Cleveland Whisky. This new process will require policy, process, system and change in job roles for the employees at Cleveland Whiskey. Scope of Change As a result of new process there are changes to existing job roles. We don’t recommend hiring new resources at this time; rather we propose for training to existing employees and to provide support for new process. Once the new export process is up and running we will have dedicated in-house support for handling export orders for our foreign clients. Behavioral Change Communication, feedback and concerns: We need to send out communication to existing employees and encourage them to take active participation through providing feedback, suggestions and concerns before we actually start implementing the recommended strategy. Given the number of employees at Cleveland whiskey an offsite whole day meeting can be schedule in an informal environment; this provides comfortable environment for employees along with a sense of belonging and ownership. Once a decision is made to implement the recommended strategy we will have complete support from the employees as they have been part of the change from beginning. Outsourcing and Vendor management: Cleveland Whisky aims to disrupt the traditional aging process of bourbon; at this stage company needs to focus on its core competencies and should hire external vendors to handle the export operations for the company. The company needs to have employees educated and trained to understand the international trade and export process. The company should work with external vendors to streamline the export process. Diversi... ... middle of paper ... ... part of the change process and needs to be managed closely. Quality Assurance: Cleveland Whiskey does not have a dedicated quality control check for the products and rely heavily on controlling the process. Company needs to hire services from professional whiskey tester and needs to make sure the product meets standard quality requirements. Company needs to identify best practices of whiskey manufacturing units to not only maintain high standards but also to make sure company follows the production requirements for the exporting country if exist. Communication Skills: Company not only needs to provide training to improve communication skills but also provide means and methods for effective communication across different countries. Company needs to make sure there is stable and smooth channel of communication available to employees when working with foreign clients.

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