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Human resources Works " ARAMEX " out of a firm conviction that the expert cadres provide the best standards of service excellence , as the company is committed to ongoing innovation in order to meet customer requirements , which is a cornerstone of our business . Therefore, we continue to attract the best skills and preserved, nurtured and given the best opportunities that allow them to achieve the achievements and innovations. Social responsibility We Aramex are committed to our responsibility to the direction of all of our partners - including the communities to which we belong, and our customers, our shareholders, and our business partners, and our employees - and in order to emphasize on this commitment we were the first regional company that publishes reports documenting our commitment to sustainable development policy and we apply them. As known “ARAMEX " to support entrepreneurial initiatives , education, youth empowerment , and development programs and sporting events such as the pioneers of social development (www.ruwwad.net) as a way to highlight the importance of human ...

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