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Explanation of key concepts and theories There are many key concepts for the company Aramex, such as the Connections, responsibility, change, function and reflection of the company. Connections: costumers either companies or individuals, staff members around the world in different branches of the same company, those are the connection that the company has. Responsibility: the company is responsible for several things in the warehouse and for the products. Safety and security is the most important thing that every company have to consider because there have been a lot of death cases inside warehouses around the world. The company have to be careful because in case of any robbery, damage of goods and for the staff members in case of any injuries. For the security, the company has to employ security guards and put cameras for any case of robbery or similar factors that the security is responsible about. An example of safety and security is if any goods got robbed, aramex is responsible for the stolen goods and have find a solution for that situation. Mostly in such cases the solution will be paying the worth of the goods stolen. Change: change occurs when the company tries to improve their connections, transportation, setting goals for future in order to improve their reputation and services and satisfying their customers as well as gaining more costumers. The Function of the company Aramex: The company aramex has a lot of functions relating to transportation. The transportation process starts in the manufacturer of the goods, once the goods are manufactured aramex choose the best way to transport it from the manufacture to the distributers and the different branches around the world. When the goods arrive to the distributers ... ... middle of paper ... ...ether cover all regions of the world the same quality standards and techniques consolidated characterized by " Aramex " . The network includes more than 12 thousand offices and 33 thousand vehicles and 66 thousand employees working around the clock to serve clients and provide the coalition their business requirements in more than 240 countries. Innovation and technology Innovation is one of the principles entrenched in the culture of “ARAMEX " , and a key driver for the growth of its business , and mainly stems from its commitment to the development of new products and services that meet the various needs of the market by listening to the opinions and suggestions of its customers . The company is keen to reward creativity and celebrated, where ideas come from all sizes of the various levels of the company, to ensure the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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