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Unfair Trials
There are many innocent people that have been accused unfairly for crimes that they have not committed of have not had all the blame for that one crime, the corrupted system, or unfair trials may cause this to happen. Many stories can relate to this statement.
As in the case of; David Bryant an African American now 56 years-old, was accused of raping and murdering an 8 year-old girl in 1975. He then was only 18 years-old. Spending his last 38 years in Marcy Prison New York, he was finally released. “The New York Times reports the judge found failure of Bryant’s attorney to consult with a blood and semen testing expert deprived him of a fair trial” (wow this is.) In this case you may say that the attorney had the fault but who knows maybe the attorney was getting paid ,or something else might had be going on giving that it was so far back it could had be a racially issue. In No Choirboy, Roy Burgess also had an unfair trial he was accused of killing Kevin Gardener. The only witnesses were his three supposedly called friends; blaming the crime all on him. The judge choose to believe those three criminals. Roy’s defense attorney put a young women on the stand, she then confessed she heard Demetrius and his sister arguing; Demetrius in the argument confessed that [he indeed killed Kevin Gardener, and blamed it on Roy] the sister immediately testified afterwards confirming what the other young lady had said before (Kuklin 17). The judge did not believe being based that the judge had the testimony of the three guys. Kash Delano Register was sentence to 27 years of life in prison for supposedly killing 78 year-old Jack Sasson in April of 1979. (...

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...hance to make a family, be a father, husband, grandpa just like the character in No Choirboy “One day I want a wife. I want kids” (Kuklin, 21) Roy said. Kash was so excited to be finally out, and could not wait to eat a cooked meal.
Although the law wants and has the right to protect American citizens they sometimes fall to do so, as shown in the personal narration and interviews of No Choirboy, “Wow this is all new”, and “In prison for 35 years but innocent.”

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