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African enslavement widespread and benefited to so many countries during sixteen to nineteen century, but did it benefit Africa? Did Africa have the choice not to be the slave trade country? If there did not have the necessity, then it would not have the providers, even though there did have the needs, it might not came from Africa, might have suppliers from other countries. Everything happened may have reasons, but it impacted on African societies in many ways, family structure, local economy, and political life…etc. which affected Africa compete for the battle of the slave population growth caused by the sharp drop in farmers, agricultural land abandoned and unbridled output robust younger working class, and a long-term economic costs.
Before the transatlantic slave trade, people in Africa depended on family structure through marriage. One man could have several wives that produced more children to help with cultivating the land, so the children were the primary goal for marriage. But when the salve trade started, the strongest men and women had captured to enslave. Without the men and women, how to produce more children? The families were bonding together, because the slave trade, whole family separated or family members died during the transit process. People who left behind in Africa who were unhealthy, too old or not qualify for heavy work load to be slaves. The whole family structure had been destroyed and the population could never increase because the slave trade continued for four centuries. Because some countries preferred women for slave and some preferred men, the population distribution by slave trade became uneven, eastern African had majority male, and the female was in western Africa. This cause severe consequenc...

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...anging slaves.
Sin of human nature knows no borders and ethnicity. Heinous is that many African were also involved in the trafficking of their compatriots and gain from them. Since the slave trade started, Africans were involved. It is like the law of the jungle, the weak are the prey of the strong. During the sixteen to nineteen century, Africa is the prey and other countries are the strong. This law still applies in our society now. No one wants to be the prey, but if the resource and the opportunities are not in the right place, one must to accept the facts. The consequences that bring to Africa from the slave trade are far beyond the advantages, destroy families and population, human rights, economy, and political status in the world. Many things happened could not be restored and reversed, and it is a cycle, one thing went wrong, followed by another thing.
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