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Encoding and decoding are factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to cultural analysis, as they are tools used to interpret encoded messages. These messages in question are often hidden deep within texts, ads, televised commercials and vice versa. Much of the meanings given to modern day society stem directly from representations found within the media.
The process of encoding and decoding are fundamental elements in the sphere of mass communications because of their applicability and affiliation to the existence of an audience. Audiences are those in charge of giving meanings to the media. The media was created for an audience and if it were not for audiences, media would not subsist.
Over the years, cultural theorist Stuart Hall has argued that representation, notably in media, itself creates the world it attempts to depict and he examined how language, signs and images give meaning to the culture and society we live in, rather than reflecting it. Hall also stated that the process of decoding is much more complex than the encoding process.
Hall suggested t...
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