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Genetic Testing: How It Can Change the World
“There are approximately 7,000 genetic diseases and disorders with more being found each day, 1 in 10 Americans have and live with rare diseases,” (Team R.A.R.E.). Two sisters,Cate and Laura, are healed of a life threatening genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis are grateful, because of the treatment they participated in. Cystic Fibrosis is a disease where mucus develops in the lungs to a point where the person has trouble breathing and can even cause death. The scientists who study CF has only found one cure and it is only solved by using Cates’ and Lauras’ DNA to make the medicine unique to them and change the cells inside of them. DNA is what makes you you. It has four nitrogen bases; A, T, C, and G make up the way a person look and develop. This DNA is cut into sequences called By changing the way the protein codes for a specific trait or gene we can make the DNA mutate to a better cell. While changing DNA could lead to cures in the medicine, some say genetic experimentation should not be allowed because it is not safe. Even though the critics do not think that genetic medicine is safe, Americans should all support genetic testing because the testing is revolutionary, more effective, and can cause major diseases to fade away. This is why and why genetic testing should be used to enhance regular medicine.
If society supports genetic experimentation, the United States of America can lead countries into a modern day medical renaissance in a new and exciting part of science and technology which can revolutionize the world. Scientists are currently working to develop a new branch of medical help. This new study is challenging the way people think about DNA. This study by the ...

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... Medical companies give their clients safe medicine and this is another reason why the genetic medicine and treatment should add on to medicine the world already have.
Genetic testing is revolutionary it has the capability to help the world advance and grow. The United States have the ability to use technology and develop technology that could change our world. Through genetic experimentation diseases could cease to plague our citizens, the world could have a new and exciting medical renaissance, and the treatments to diseases would be enduring. Every disease from cancer to arthritis to cystic fibrosis to tay sachs can all be cured through genetics. Instead of having to live with a disease like the sisters, Cate and Laura, did. The US can change the world and lives one treatment at a time. Which is why the United States should openly accept genetic medicine.
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