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The term ‘communication’ comes from the Latin word ‘communicare’, means to impact, share or make common (Peter 1999). To communicate (1988) is to produce messages and links people together. Communication plays an important role in our daily life as it allows people share and exchange understandings and it can improve individual’s personality (Prabha 2013), good communication skills also benefits to business. According to Carey (1988), a cultural approach states communication is not only transferring the contents to people, it is more likely to share symbols to others. In addition, the approach shapes the image of the real world and it tends to study the significance of the meaning of individual and collective activities. As a result, the process of communication is social and culturally significant. The essay will explain the meanings and concepts of communication through Carey’s notion of communication. Moreover, it will analyze the significance of the process of communication by presenting a related case study and using different approaches. For example, the ‘ritual model’ and ‘transmission model’ of communication emphasize the different aspects of communication that explains the communication as a “symbolic process”. According to McLuhan, fish lives in the water but they do not recognize it despite the water creates them ambience. Similarly, it is difficult for people to recognize the existence of communication but it does create the ambience and supports for human existence. Communication refers to have conversation, give instructions and impart knowledge and etc. It is a simple thing in our life and we always ignore those parts we experience. Symbolic communications are demonstrated by the clothes we wear and the house we liv... ... middle of paper ... ...nication in order to provide a deeper understanding of the cultural approach to communication. Carey mentioned McLuhan’s statement on the ‘fish in unaware of water’ that explains the reason of communication being as a symbolic process and how the reality is created. The process of communication plays a significant role socially and culturally, it helps human get connections between each other and exchange information to others. Also, the case study of ways of greeting and welcome of people from different countries has demonstrated the significance of the process of communication in human’s daily life. Therefore, communication is important to each individual as it produces, maintains, repairs and transforms reality. People should all aware of this symbolic process and learn to use it more effectively in order to benefit to human’s life and shape the culture advanced.

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