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Throughout the French Revolution there were four phases that had different leaders who wanted to change the way France was operating. The first phase was the Moderate phase this was when King Louis XVI was in charge. He wanted everyone to be taxed equally. The second phase, the Radical phase was when King Louis XVI was still the king but with little power. The new leaders with more power were the Jacobins. They wanted to end the monarchy and make a republic. The third phase of the, the Directory phase was when the leaders were a group of men who were president like figures. They wanted to get rid of Robespierre, a violent leader. The fourth phase, the Age of Napoleon is when Napoleon Bonaparte gained leadership of France. He wanted all of Europe to follow his Napoleonic code. While each leader had their own ideas of how France should be ran, some succeeded and others caused chaos.
The first phase of the French Revolution, the Moderate phase, started in 1788 and ended in 1792. The conflicts were mainly political disagreements against King Louis XVI, including taxation without representation, despotism, and corrupt authority. The revolution consisted largely of protests with very little violence. In order to fix the state, the people wanted to put the ideas of Enlightenment in practice in order for peasants to have more say in government and to be equally represented by the state. King Louis XVI offered some ideas, such as equally taxing all social classes, but the people rejected most of them. The peacefulness of the revolution then ended. In 1792, wars broke out which lead to the beginning of the republic, where a new assembly was formed.
The Radical phase, the second phase of the revolution, began in 1792 and ended in 1794....

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... European continent except for Britain. The other countries were not allowed to trade with Britain, yet Britain refused to surrender. Spain tried to smuggle goods into the continental system so Napoleon invaded Spain again. Britain helped form a coalition with Spain. France was unable to take control of Moscow because the Russians destroyed the city. France was defeated and in 1814 all of Europe went against Napoleon, who was finally defeated in 1815 by the other European monarchs who restored the bourbons to power. A coalition was formed and it exiled Napoleon to Elba. The coalition representatives tried to fix what happened during the French Revolution by redrawing Europe’s boarders and making Europe a monarchy again. Napoleon heard about this and came back to France and tried to become Emperor again. The coalition forces defeated him and exiled him to Africa.
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