Essay Preparation and Ideas

Essay Preparation and Ideas

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Question analysis and Essay outline
Paraphrase question – With the always developing forms of technology there are more efficient and effective ways to communicate than ever before. Have these changes caused us to lose the “art of communication” or has it improved the way we communicate?
The keywords mentioned throughout my question was communicated, effectively improved and “art of communication”. There were no instructional words since it was a statement rather then a question but it had a limiting word of the 21st century. I was fairly familiar with the terminology used throughout my chosen question in terms of the vocabulary used. The wording was simple yet I was still made to frequently alternate the wording of keywords to achieve adequate sources while researching.
Using implements such as the dictionary and thesaurus assisted me to develop alternative wordings and gain a full understanding of my keywords. These where beneficial tools and helped me immensely while finding resources. This opened my eyes towards the meanings and the all different definitions of communication. Rather than solitarily searching for sources regarding the development of verbal conversations, it directed me to search terms such as sign language, social media and advertisement.
I have decided to abandon the article I previously found while researching called “Getting closer: The effects of personalized and interactive online political communication” composed by Sanne Kruikemeier (pp 53-66, 2013). After further assessment I discovered the article to be filled with insignificant information. I discovered two relevant sources both on the website “Find it @ Flinders” and am glad I made the decision to abandon my previous article. I discovered both a bo...

... middle of paper ...

...l than any the beginning of my essay with a final ending statement.
- My conclusion will be around 10% of the total length of my essay and should be around 100 words long.
- I will be writing all of the references and sources used when obtaining evidence through the answering my question.
- There will be no word boundary on the references stated, as all sources used must be stated using Harvard referencing.
- Australian sign language (Auslan): An introduction to sign language linguistics by Trevor A. Johnston, (2007).
- The Information Society: Economic, Social, and Structural Issues by Klopfenstein, Bruce C, pp(89-90,1991).
- Connecting families - The impact of new communication technologies on domestic life by Carmen Nuestaedter and Steve Harrison (2013).
- Communication utilising technology – The new media in society” by Everet M. Rogers (1986).

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