Essay on Tomas Friedman's Ideas on Globalization

Essay on Tomas Friedman's Ideas on Globalization

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The United States used to be a place of dreams, a country where any willing body in the world envied. The opportunity to escape the old world and start anew, the chance to buy a home to your name, raise a family with little worries, have a secure job that would provide enough, and ultimately the right to say to the other nations, “I am free”. Sadly today, that opportunity is closing, the chance is slipping and that free America is being chained by the very same people robbing others of a life. The last time in history anyone saw this large of a robbery was during the French Revolution. This is only said because the world is emerging into a global economy that blurs national law and dries countries of their resources.

In this world corporations can move their operations to any country they want with no loyalty to that nation, only in the interest of their profits. Some corporations such a Nike even go as far as using a country broken political system to rig the market and rob the workers of their rights. As Nike became more wealthy and powerful, they decided that the American political standard was not working in its favor. Thus they decided that moving operations to countries with below minimum wage and nonunions, such as Vietnam; could help them make as much profit while essentially robbing citizens of their democratic birth rights. This is a term is used by many in the know of this global economy by ‘the Golden straitjacket”. It is a practice that states that if a country is to be competitive in this global economy they must bend to the demand of these powerful investors, who have the power to influence a nation's economy, then what begins to happen is these countries essentially lose their democratic rights to be in the race ...

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...r by that option, they can take thier precious money and invest in a counrty willing to do business with them hence golden striatjacket. If not only the wealthiest nations come together but all nation rich and poor with human needs before finaical needs, it will all fall togehter. The Electrnic Herd is the bully in this global economy, with that said all nations must come together to create a better as well as a much stronger enforcement of regulations and laws that protect both national intersests of all. Not every nation became who they are by follwing the same formula , China is more communist than the United States yet we share one thing in common, we both have emeging economies that make us amoung the few wealthiest nations in the world. Yet investors and corporations alike want to make the public beilve that all markets are the same when in truth they are not.

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