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In the work of Macbeth the constant power struggle between the main characters is prominent throughout the play. In particular, the power and rule obtained by Macbeth, through killing Duncan, makes a full circle back to the rightful heir which makes apparent that power ties closely with fate in this play. Macbeth was always a soldier that took orders closely and felt no mercy for his victims initially. When he first encountered the witches in this story they foresaw his future where he would rule the land. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth were unhappy with the unknown wait to obtain this power that was promised to them. Therefore, the two scheme a trap to kill King Duncan who was currently in power at the time that Macbeth was given his fate. The power struggle here helps to advance the plot and future actions taken by supporters and rebels of Macbeth’s rule. Under Lady Macbeth's power, Macbeth kills Duncan while a guest at his home. The hesitation of the whole plan to murder the king sticks with Macbeth throughout the rest of the play haunting him. Lady Macbeth's power comes from her control and harshness towards her husband. She figuratively and literally would have little societal standing if not married to the great warrior Macbeth. Macbeth is a passive person when it comes to his wife and follows her orders as if she were ruling him. Once dead, Macbeth feels immediate guilt which is strange for such a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. This guilt though is just a product of his quest for immediate power over the land and thinks that it is worth the riches and power of the position. Macbeth killing Duncan helped to assure that he would soon become King and the prophecy would be fulfilled. He took matters and fate into his... ... middle of paper ... ...of ruling would start and end with him. Once dead Malcolm becomes king, as was his birthright. Macbeth trying to accelerate the timeline given to him by the witches played with fate and came round circle to the natural order of things. Macbeth's repetitive killing of those who would oppose him led to the motive for forces to rise against him. Absolute power corrupts absolutely which is what led Macbeth to murder, attempt to cheat fate, gain his power, and eventually die. Overall, Macbeth's power struggle gave insight into how this work parallels fate. Similar to the play Oedipus Rex, Macbeth creates his own downfall in the quest for power. The struggle enhances and exposes the lengths that one is willing to go to in order to receive power foretold to them in a prophecy. Macbeth seeks to free himself from the current ruler but in doing so seeks out power for himself.

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