Essay About Teen Life And Adulthood

Essay About Teen Life And Adulthood

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Teen Life and Adulthood
“Mom, I am going to the store with Bobbi, I will be back in about 2 hours.” Jenni yelled up the stairs. Mom said, “Okay see you later. Jenni and her best friend Bobbi, head off to the store. Mom came downstairs and went into the kitchen. She gathers the items she needs to prepare dinner.
Tonight, dinner is; meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and sweet peas. Mom, whips, mixes, dices and stirs. After the meatloaf is in the oven, Mom, cleans the kitchen; she put away all of the ingredients, washes, the dinner prep dishes and pulled out the plates and utensils for dinner. “Mom” Yelled Jenni’s younger sister, Suzi. “What is the definition of sarcasm?” “Look it up!” Mom said.
As Mom is pulls the meatloaf from the oven, Jenni and Bobbi return from the store. “Meatloaf”! “My favorite”! Bobbi stays for dinner. After dinner, the girls watch TV, Mom cleans the kitchen.
When the kitchen is clean, Mom goes downstairs and starts a load of laundry. She checks on Suzi’s homework progress and begins to prepare for tomorrow. She decides, what to have for dinner and pulls out her clothes for work, Mom lays out an outfit for Suzi and tells Jenni to prepare for tomorrow. Bobbi leaves to go home. Mom, goes back downstairs, pulls the load of laundry from the washer, places it in the dryer and starts another load. Suzie takes a shower and puts on her Wonder Princess, pajamas. Jenni is on the phone with Bobbie. Suzi is eight years old, Jenni is Fourteen.
After the divorce, five years ago, Mom got an administrative job. To improve her chances of getting, the position of office manager, she is taking a class at the local community college. Mom does a little reading while she waits for the laundry to finis...

... middle of paper ... situations, however, they usually have the social skills to exit the situation.
Yes there is a great difference between the world of a teenager and that of an adult, given the challenges that teenagers face, it is a wonder that so many of them actually become adults at all.
The greatest difference between teenagers and adults, is that adults are one hundred percent responsible for their actions and the consequences that come with those actions. Teenagers are are the responsibility of their parents until adulthood. The teenage years don 't last forever, they are a wonderful part of life, that should be enjoyed with reasonable caution. Adulthood is inevitable.Oh to be a teenager again.

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