Essay About Love And Sacrifice

Essay About Love And Sacrifice

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Love and Sacrifice
Love is a universal feeling. No one has never felt love and everyone has endured sacrifices of their own. Love always has sacrifices and are required if you love someone or something. There are many sacrifices that can show affection and care that have positive externalities such as, giving up luxuries, personal goals or even physical sacrifices.
In the wake of perhaps, a financial problem a person could sacrifice the luxuries of their lives to benefit another cause in their life that they care for. Think of a time that you have given up a luxury for a better cause in yours or another’s life. These can feel good despite the sacrifice we make. For example, in an article entitled “Canine News” the article speaks of owners of dogs and how they give up things in life for their dog’s own happiness and satisfaction. People are actually willing to cut back on personal luxuries in order to provide for their pets in a hard financial bump in the road. The article states, “Ninety-seven percent of people are willing to eat more meals at home to save money for their pet’s expenses, willing to curb spending on new clothes and even push back plans for home remodeling.” (Bedwell-Wilson 10) This quote demonstrates the extent of sacrifice when it comes to luxuries. These people are willing to cut back on these “wants” in life to support the actual needs their pet needs. Their dog is their best friend and family. They’d give anything for the friend that loves them back unconditionally. Not all people in the world would give up eating at a nice restaurant and remodeling their home but the canine would greatly appreciate it. In return, it would be the best friend that any person could have. These sacrifices are very special on acc...

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...d be to raise the family and put yourself aside and that is exactly what this man has done. Someday his kids will look up to him and see how admirable he is to have worked so hard and given up what he might have wanted in life. This all goes to show the true love of a parent and the immense responsibility they now have to deal with. Most will gladly work with what they can and get by, putting their family before themselves and their goals for their lifetime.
Thus, all these examples go to prove my point of no one never feeling love and enduring the responsibility of a sacrifice for the greater good. So through sacrifices such as physical, in the form of goals or luxuries of life. There is no limit to what someone will sacrifice in the name of love. Furthermore, the next time you do or witness sacrifice it is probably due to love someone feels for a person or a cause.

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