The ESRI International User Conference 2010 Essay

The ESRI International User Conference 2010 Essay

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The ESRI International User Conference 2010 is considered one of the largest Geographic Information System (GIS) conferences in the world, with more than 134 countries and over 6,000 organizations whose staff attended the conference. This was ESRI 30th International User conference. During the user conference, ESRI introduced newly released ArcGIS 10 software and provided training seminars for various ESRI software applications and GIS concepts. The ESRI training and white paper presentation topics included:
• ArcGIS Desktop Programming 10
• ArcServer and ArcGIS Configuration 10
• Cartography
• Cloud Computing
• Data Integration
• Geocoding
• Geodatabase Architecture
• Geodatabase Theory
• Geoprocessing
• Model Building
• Mobile GIS
• Spatial Analysis
• Special Interest Group Meetings (e.g., Critical Infrastructure, Weather, and Defense)
• Tricks and Tips for ArcExplorer, ArcGIS 10, and ArcServer 10
• Web Service Programming
• Data Integration
• Tool Integration and Upgrading
• Upgrading ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 ArcObjects code to ArcGIS 10
• Upgrading Geodatabase 9.3.1 to Geodatabase ArcGIS 10.

The ESRI International Conference 2010 offered presentations and workshops on ArcGIS 10. They offered papers on Geospatial products, and lesson learned for the special interest groups. ESRI offered presentations on how to upgrade ArcGIS 9.3.1 products to ArcGIS 10. ESRI presented several organizations Special Achievement Awards for their contribution to better Geospatial Community. Several federal and local government organizations have added an ArcGIS system, which uses mobile devices, and laptops that submit data into their systems allowing emergency management organizations like local police, fire, and NOAA ...

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... facilitated open dialogue among Special Interest Groups, to include the Department of Homeland Security, the Weather community, and the Critical Infrastructure Protection community. The NCS can take several steps to sustain the momentum initiated by these interactions, specifically:

• Develop a level of effort of converting ArcGIS 9.3.1 to ArcGIS 10
• Develop a level of effort of converting .Net 2,0 to Silverlight
• Once the level of effort has been completed use the lesson learn projects to update IMT 3.4
• Explore the new 3 D viewers in ArcGIS 10
• Review several of the white papers for new approaches to improve data processing and tool development

By taking these steps, the NCS can take full advantage of the opportunities to stimulate new industry ideas and lead to promising development efforts provided by the ESRI International User Conference.

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