The Escape Of The Whales Essay

The Escape Of The Whales Essay

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Sea World hardly has enough room in their tanks for one massive killer whale, so imagine them trying to squeeze in two so then they could share their social interactions with one another like so many orcas do in a pod together. These pods to the whales are very much like a family, “Orcas live in closely knit, highly complex social groups (pods) typically numbering five to twenty-five members. The Members are related by blood and remain together for life. They hunt play, socialize, and rest as a cohesive group. The pod may travel as many as one hundred miles a day in a home range of maybe five hundred to nine hundreds of miles.” (Smith 25) With all of the different activities that the whales do together, many people are amazed by the fact that anybody could ever separate these close friends and families from one another. With the orcas being so complex with their social class and wanting to have a connection with their pods, imagine how these killer whales feel when they are separated from one another. There’s no way that the whales are happy that they are not in presence with other whales. The whales in Sea World may not truly know what it’s like to have a pod in their life, but they would be better off if they were able to swim around with their pod and have a group to always socialize with one another. Another health risk that the orcas participate in unwillingly is the fact that their physical body is not as strong as it usually would be in the wild. “Orcas, for example, are known to travel up to 150
kilometers per day on average (Berghan 1998); thus, it is no surprise that orcas in
captivity suffer in the small tanks of the aquaria. Researchers observe clear signs of
stress displayed by captive orcas (e.g., the drooping of the...

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...n a tank that is holding them back from doing everything they desire in the ocean, or with freedom.
In general, there are a variety of ideas that should help people realize that these killer whales should be placed back into their home so they are able to enjoy the wild. The people who support Sea World would be able to understand why the whales should be put back into their natural environment after they are aware of how Sea World got and treats their whales once they got in their possession, how much danger that they are truly put at due to their fact that they are in captivity, and once they can compare to what the tanks at Sea World gives the whales to what is offered out in the open for the whales to do. Sea World should stop holding whales in captivity and they should also release the whales so they can return back to where they should be, in the ocean free.

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