Essay about Escalation of Violence Coincide with New Religious Movements

Essay about Escalation of Violence Coincide with New Religious Movements

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It is not surprising that most people linking NRMs are dangerous and even equate NRMs with the occurrence of violence. It is true that there is a number of movements have grown dramatically, creating the movement-societal conflicts. However, this assumption is questionable and challengeable since they impede to identify the interactive relationship and contextual factors that actually are significant in the outbreak of violence.

I shall analyse the escalation of violence from two trajectories. One is the analysis of two single side’s factors (both from FLG and the Chinese government) that play the primary role and precondition in precipitating violence. It can improve our analytic utility and avoid too much analytic weight on one single side’s factors. It is important to understand the internal and external dynamics on both sides in equal depth and detail. The other is led to a model, in which to explain a number of factors related to violence and inter-relationships between two parties in that sociological context.

I. FLG’s Iconic leadership, organization structure and use of technology

( 1 ) Iconic Leadership
Li claims to know “the top secret of the universe” and says “no religion can save people” but the “almighty Fa,” which he exclusively represents. He is therefore essentially the chosen saviour of man. Notwithstanding, he also professes that he first recognized his special powers at the age of eight. His teaching also includes the spinning “falun ( ),” which is a mystical “wheel of law” that he claims to be able to insert into his disciples’ abdomens .

Li’s iconic leadership increasingly became an object of worship for millions of his followers over the world, because frequent public demonstrations and even...

... middle of paper ...

...s and human rights associations.

Secondly, the sacred beliefs and practices of most NRMs are eclectic and mostly inward-oriented as meditation is common. Moreover, NRMs’ members are always enthusiastically and passionately involved.

FLG comprises five sets of meditative exercises. Through self–cultivation, every FLG practitioner can reach the ultimate enlightenment from the transformation of one's xinxing to the trinity of Zhen-Shan-Ren, whereas one can feel the supreme nature of the cosmos with the falun constantly rotating inside the abdomen. Also, one of the most obvious features in FLG, it is their enthusiasm for the beliefs and the lifestyles they have embraced. Underlying this enthusiasm is the high commitment to the organization, the devotion to Li and zealous confrontation with the Chinese government which the FLG practitioners so openly exhibit.

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