Ernie Smith : A Father, A Cpa, An Inspiration Essay

Ernie Smith : A Father, A Cpa, An Inspiration Essay

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Ernie Smith:
A Father, A CPA, An Inspiration
Growing up on a farm is not uncommon if you live in Western Kansas. As many know, however, it 's not
always as financially rewarding as one might hope. Experiencing this first hand, Ernie Smith, my father, had
lived on a farm near Marienthal, Kansas, growing up. He had the opportunity to learn a plethora of valuable
lessons from hard work and his parents. Farming can be a tough career investment. Ernie discovered that, when
you 're a farmer, you have to stretch the dollar sometimes. Occasionally, they don 't make as much income
because of severe weather conditions such as drought or hail. During these bad years, his family had to make
appropriate decisions concerning spending. Ernie 's parents were aware of this and always spent their money
responsibly and in moderation.
After he had graduated high school, Ernie knew he had some major financial and education decisions to
make concerning college. Luckily, he had the knowledge to know that he needed to save for college. During his
teenage years, he had worked long hard hours on the farm and put away the money he had earned. Also, once he
was enrolled at Fort Hays State University, he immediately found a part time job to receive some income. With
the ultimate goal of graduating debt free, Ernie knew that he couldn 't go completely crazy in college. Unlike
many students, he spent his money only when it was necessary, and he shared living expenses with a roommate.
Furthermore, he studied relentlessly to achieve high marks on all of his work. Due to these proactive choices,
my father received a Bachelor 's in business and administration and a Major in accounting. At the end of his
college years, he was completely debt free. This allowed him t...

... middle of paper ...

... receive, the college fund I
have saved, and maybe some help from my parents, I hope to graduate free of debt so that I have the ability to
begin a career, buy a house, and raise a family soon after college without falling deep into the unforgivable
shadow of debt.
With the knowledge and wisdom that my father has taught me, I believe that I am well prepared for
college and all of the obstacles it has to throw at me. Becoming educated about different types of colleges
helped me decide on attending Fort Hays State University. I have applied for many scholarships and hope to
pay my own way through college without the help of student loans, for I want to graduate debt free. I won 't
overspend in college and will create a budget to help me get by. Through the Dave Ramsey and Everfi
programs, I have learned a plethora of information that I will apply to my life as a I grow.

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