Essay Ernest Hemingway 's Influence On The Quality Of His Work

Essay Ernest Hemingway 's Influence On The Quality Of His Work

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Mirrored Worlds
Many argue, who is the greatest writer of their time? Names like Shakespeare often come up in these discussions. These types of writers are known for their beautiful styles of writing that draw in all readers to the story. However it is rare to find writers who can write like this but also effectively reflect who they are. Being able to take what is currently happening to them and then portray that through writing is a hard quality to find in writers. Ernest Hemingway effectively used his life lessons to increase the quality of his work. Starting at a young age, Hemingway way experienced many life changing events. Most would shy away and let this change who they are. Not Ernest Hemingway, he embraced what happens to him during his lifetime. This way of life propelled his writing into great works. While reading his work, readers tend to see mirrored worlds between his own life and the fictional one. Works like A Farewell to Arms, The Sun Also Rises, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Another Country, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, and The Old Man and the Sea. In each of these works, readers see a reflection of Ernest Hemingway’s life. His reiteration of World War I and the Spanish Civil War landed him Nobel Prizes. Not only this, but even more popular, the showing of his personal life before, during and after World War II boosted his popularity among world leading writers. Broken down, it is clear Hemingway planned to mirror his life with his work. Some say it was foolish of him to do this, others say it was brilliant. Regardless of the point of view, Ernest Hemingway found a way to mirror his life with his stories through major wars, his travels through Europe, and his relaxed yet sad post career.
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... everyone out, including what little family he had left. On April 23rd, Ernest Hemingway tried to commit suicide for the first time. Hemingway was physically etiolated, and profoundly psychotic. These occurrences were expressed through his story A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. Two waiters sit inside a café and watched a drunken old man sit and drink his heart out. The old man was also deaf and so was Hemingway. The relationship he had with his wife was now a distant memory. Nothing seemed to matter anymore as thoughts of suicide began to creep up behind Hemingway again. However, before his darkest hours, Hemingway came full circle with his life. This appears in his novel The Old Man and The Sea. An old man who feels his only purpose in life is to catch the greatest of all fish. The open sea Marlin was now his only foe in life much like his character in the story.

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