Erikson's Stages of Development: A 19 Year Old's Case Essay

Erikson's Stages of Development: A 19 Year Old's Case Essay

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The first person I interviewed is a 19 year old Hispanic female high school student. She is very short and meets criteria to be considered a midget. In regards of the Five-Factor Model described in Craig & Dunn 2013, p. 436, this person is emotionally stable with traits associated with high end. Specifically she is relaxed and very extroverted. In terms of openness to experiences, she described herself very imaginative, creative and intellectual. On the last two factors she identified herself as a warm, friendly, organized, and persistent person clearly showing her transitioning from adolescent to the young adult stage.
Another trait is her warm and kind presence. This is expressed in the form of volunteerism as she loves helping people. Her leadership skills are known not only within her own ethnic group but across her entire school. For example, she participated in the “Challenge Day Program” that helped over 100 students to deal with issues related to discrimination, bullying, and social isolation.
As I continued my interview, it was clear to me that she is not in the stage to select a mate. While she has had a couple of boyfriends during high school, she recognized it would be difficult for her to balance a serious relationship and trying to work her way up to graduate school. For the moment, her plan is to obtain an associate’s degree in Mental Health and Human Service as the first step toward her graduate degree.
My reflection on where I believe this person to be in Erikson's stages of development is Intimacy vs. Isolation. As stated by Erikson (1963), this stage has emphases on relationships and displaying of affection and love. My interviewee has a great affinitive for relationships as she is able to r...

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...ave had excellent mentors both in my professional career and in my spiritual practices. I have integrated both my cultural heritage with the American culture and I am in the process to earn my Bachelor Degree in Human Development.
Certainly analyzing both the 19 yr. old female student and I was a rich experience. I see the limitations of normative models we both have. There have been struggles and triumphs as contextual factors such as income and cultural influences have affected our proper development. For example analyzing the issues Peck proposed and comparing them with my own experience was really humbling as I understood the need for plan as I am shifting to a more stable and fulfilled stage called mid adulthood.

Works Cited

Craig, G. J., & Dunn, W. L. (2013). Understanding human development (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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