Erikson Theory : Development Of The Human Mind Essay

Erikson Theory : Development Of The Human Mind Essay

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Erikson Theory
The principles of the Erikson theory is describe by the stages of development of the human mind. The theory starts out with the first stage being trust vs. mistrust. During this stage hope plays a big factor as a basic strength because being such a young age the child is unsure what to trust in life. The second stage is autonomy vs. shame which is the development of basic strengths such as courage which could lead to the improvement of will power. During this stage self-control starts playing a role in the child’s life. The third stage is initiative vs. guilt. During this stage the child starts to ask why and question life, building up the strength of purpose. The next stage is industry vs. inferiority this stage builds competence. The child in this stage starts recognizing accomplishments as well as learning new skills and improving social skills. Identity vs. role confusion is the fifth stage. This stage builds the persons awareness of who they are and starts preparing the person for adulthood. This stage strengths fidelity but still has trouble struggling with social interactions. During the young adulthood stage which is intimacy vs. isolation. This is the stage of becoming a adult and start building relationships with other people but at the same time people strive for that perfect relationship isolation could play a factor that promotes depression. This stage is where caring for other skills are built by being faced with real world situations. The last stage is late adulthood integrity vs. despair. Wisdom plays a big role because the person can reflect on what they have learned in their life as well they can feel like they lived a fulfilled life. But on the o...

... middle of paper ... according to the Erikson theory you’re not fully developed till you have commitment which could lead to isolation. The character could resolve this by committing themselves to one woman and start a family to avoid isolation. The next generation is a good example of stage seven because during stage seven it’s about caring for others. A man with a family that has a son and daughter would feel proud of the son when he got married because he is carrying on the legacy and following in the footsteps that where left for him. A war veteran that has high honors from the war would represent the final stage because when they look back on their medals and reflect they feel honored for having the medals leading them to be more accepting to death because they have the feeling of accomplishment. ( n/d)


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