Essay on Erikson 's Third Stage Of Life

Essay on Erikson 's Third Stage Of Life

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Industry versus Inferiority- Fourth Stage (Six Years- Eleven Years). Erikson’s fourth stage of life takes place from six yrs. to eleven yrs. with the following crisis: industry versus inferiority. The important event in this stage is a school with the fundamental virtue of competency (Erikson, 1997). It is a stage between school entry and puberty where it becomes a period of learning and mastering the more basic skills needed in society (Erikson, 1997). It is an essential stage for the ego to develop strengths of “steady attention and preserving diligence (Crain, 2005). Children learn to take pride in their work and acquire an attitude to do well in their work where they will develop an apprenticeship of life (Erikson, 1997). They learn to get acclimated to the environment where they learn to follow rules, learn to anticipate the behavioral roles, team activities, cooperative play and feelings of others (Crain, 2005). “The capacity to learn how to be, with skill, what one is in the process of becoming” (Erikson, 1997, p.51). Although if a child fails to feel a sense of accomplishment, desire of recognition, lack of industriousness and a feeling of usefulness after a completion of a task, it can result in their work being paralysis and a sense of futility, which will be most likely diffuse in the next stage (Erikson, 1997). The outcomes at this stage lead to children needing to cope with new social and academic demands. Success leads to a sense of competence, while failure results in feelings of inferiority (Erikson, 1997). For example, a child who excels in school and is always obtaining A’s in her classes will feel a sense of competency, but on the other hand, if a child is consistently failing their classes, they will feel like ...

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...Questionnaire/ Social and Emotional and the Desired Results Developmental Profile. As, a previous Preschool Teacher I am familiarized with both of the tools. The Stages and Ages Questionnaire/ Social and Emotional Assessment is based on the parents and teachers answering questions to evaluate a child’s behavior and social interactions. Underlining Erikson’s theory of the importance of society on how it can affect an individual both emotionally and socially. It is used as a helping guide to further assist students whose score is not within the normal range. The Desired Results Development Profile is to assess students overall development in the following domains: emotional, socially, physically, and cognitively. The domains correlate to Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development products of interactional experiences between each person and this world (Tribe, 1982).

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