Erikson 's Third Stage : A Positive Way Essay example

Erikson 's Third Stage : A Positive Way Essay example

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Graduating high school has affected my development in a positive way. Erikson’s fifth stage is when young adults have to figure out who they are or they are confused about the roles they play in life. Erikson’s Identity vs. Role Confusion related to me when I graduated high school it was time for me to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. Once I decided that I was going to go to college and work at the same time, I started to find more qualities in myself to form the person I’d like to be. Piaget’s Formal Operation Stage suggests that morals and ethics are more important starting at age twelve and it continues into adulthood. Graduating from high school was a life changing experience to me. I started to look at the bigger picture in life and I realized that it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone to be able to try new things. Freud’s Genital Stage has shown that I have to start to think more long term with my relationships and whether or not I’d like to start a family. This stage says that adolescences look for pleasure through more of a sexual contact. Lastly, Kohlberg’s Conventional Moral Reasoning Stage indicates that young adults follow the social roles of those they look up to. When I graduated, I dreamed of being coming a teacher because I looked up to some of my old elementary school teachers and I loved everything they did. I also dreamed of starting my own business, like my dad. Graduating high school has affected my development positively because it has broadened my thoughts and ideas about life and where I want to go with it.
Another big event that has happened in my life is that I made the choice to attend college. Once I started college, I started to ask some of my elementary teachers ...

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...made me stop and think logically about the situation. Piaget’s Formal Operational Stage says adolescences are logical about new experiences. Ever since my cousin did have a baby I have been thinking more reasonably about what I spend money on because I know if I do what to have children I will need to save money. Erikson’s Intimacy vs. Isolation Stage says young people are looking for love or they are hiding from the thought of love so they do not get rejected. The thought of having a child has brought my fiancé and I closer together, which has positively affected my development. My cousin’s child has impacted my fiancé and myself where we make sure we are both going to be sexually satisfied to make sure that this is what we both want in our relationship. This relates to Freud’s Genital Stage, which states that young adults seek sexual satisfaction in relationships.

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