Erikson 's Theory Of Psychosocial Development, Operant Conditioning, And Social Learning Theory

Erikson 's Theory Of Psychosocial Development, Operant Conditioning, And Social Learning Theory

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After reviewing the Sanchez Family case study, I have chosen to review Emilia Sanchez with Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial development, Operant Conditioning, and Social Learning Theory. In her case study, Emilia is described as being the oldest daughter in the Sanchez family, she helped her mother a great deal with housework and with helping care for the younger children and was a good quiet child who never gave her parents any problem, however at the age of 14, things changed, and she got involved in drugs. Now at 28, she has lost custody of her son due to her problems with drugs, and she is estranged from her parents due to having an abortion shortly after her son was born because her parents have very strong religious beliefs and they feel she has committed a mortal sin.
In regard to Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development, I have focused on two stages of development where Emilia struggled and is now struggling with in her life. The first stage is Stage 5 Identity vs Identity Confusion in adolescence (Rogers, 2013). All of a sudden at the age of 14 Emilia started to change and become involved in drugs. This may have occurred due to her mother’s dependence on her to help with the housework and helping with her younger brothers and sisters. She could have begun to feel confusion on her true identity as a normal teenage girl or a mother figure to her siblings. Getting involved in drugs may have been her way of rebelling against her parents for not paying attention to her when she needed them or for placing her in this position as a caretaker.
The second stage she is struggling in is Stage 6 Intimacy vs Isolation in young adulthood (Rogers, 2013). She is 28 years old, and is isolated from her family and her son, Joey, who...

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...gers, 2013). A weakness is Social Learning could be Emilia not being willing to take ownership of her behavior, and to work on changing the behavior. With Erikson, a weakness could be getting Emilia and her families to agree on meeting together since her parents are so upset with Emilia due to the abortion. Strength with Erikson is Emilia would be able to discuss her true feelings with her parents.
As a social worker, I would want to use the Social Learning Theory with Emilia. This perspective puts the client as the center of the interventions, and encourages the client to look at their behaviors, and how those behaviors affected their life, and empowers the client to make the necessary changes. In social work, the client needs to be the focus and this perspective not only looks at the behaviors, but also how the environment the client is in effects their behaviors.

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