Essay on Erikson 's Theory Of Growth And Development

Essay on Erikson 's Theory Of Growth And Development

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Erikson’s theory of growth and development generalizes the psychological needs of a person for each major developmental stage in their life. (Potter and Perry, Pg.320) His Theory consists of eight stages, and with every stage a question, that one must answer before they are able to move onto the next stage of life. The questions asked are meant to determine if a person has settled all their inner conflicts, and are content enough with themselves to truly mature, or move onto the next stage of their life. (Potter and Perry, 2010) When comparing Erikson’s stages of development to the way that I developed in those years I do not think that all his points apply, but the main question is something that I do agree that everybody has to go through to successfully mature and adapt for their age.
Erikson’s first stage of development is trust vs mistrust, this stage is from birth until one year old. “The infant learns to trust others. Trust is achieved when the infant will let the caregiver out of sight without undo distress. Key to this stage is consistent caregiving.” (Potter and Perry, Ch.22, Pg. 322, 2010) Although trust is a very important thing for a baby to gain at a young age, I think that there are more important things to focus on, when it comes to a child’s first lesson. I asked my mom about what she thought about Erikson’s first stage of development and how it fit with my sister and I at that age, she told me; “At that age trust is something a child either has or doesn’t, with you (being myself) you trusted people immediately, you were just as happy when we (my mom and dad) left as when we got home. With your sister she never trusted people she would cry when me (my mom) or your dad would come home, and always be distant w...

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...ut a lot of the more important stages in growth and development, but I think that the theories are a bit concrete. I don’t think that just because a child does not reach that goal by a certain time, it should mean that they will never be able to. I actually agree with the majority of his theory, I just think the part saying a child will not succeed if they do not do something by a certain time should be excluded. Each question should be answered at one point in a person’s life, I think it is a very good gauge on how a child is developing and if they are completing the necessary things they should be to develop as a person.

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