Erikson 's Theory Of Culture Care Diversity Essay

Erikson 's Theory Of Culture Care Diversity Essay

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Culture is one of the most respected pieces of a person’s life, as it leads and directs their every day living, but also how they view life as a whole picture. We all have the right to our own perspectives and beliefs. Attributing factors could be family upbringing, education, marrying of a spouse, or even worldly travels and experiences. Jarvis (2012), acknowledges that culture involves a persons beliefs, values, and thoughts while implementing their race, ethnicity, and religion. The ability to learn about ones culture, and accommodate them in times of illness and challenges, is a special characteristic. This is an attribute that many accomplished nurses have because of Madeleine Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality.
Leininger’s theory involving transcultural nursing focuses on several core concepts including generic folk care, nursing care, and holistic health, according to the Leininger Sunrise Model (Black, 2014). All of these notions, branch into further detailed thoughts.
First, a large aspect of a person’s culture is the generic or folk care component. According to the Theoretical Foundations of Nursing website, folk care is learned from within the culture, based upon a traditional or home based skills set. The main intention is to provide supportive actions for another person or group in times of need. This may also correlate with handling a death situation (“Theoretical foundations of nursing,” n.d.).
Jarvis (2012), offers several examples of folk healing intentions in a medical situation. Faith healing involves a person’s religion, and is prominent in Christianity, or Catholicism. This may involve participation in prayer and guidance from a priest. African Americans and some C...

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...etently. It is the nurse’s responsibility to provide the holistic care, and accept the challenge of caring for the full person, rather than an illness you have seen countless times. This will make the patient, and their family a sense of comfort. These are the key ingredients to the theory of Leininger.
In conclusion, Bearskin (2011) states, “Mutual respect involves attending to differences in persons, kinds of knowledge, cultural values, aspects of power, and attitudes. It occurs in an atmosphere of interdependence in which respect for self and respect for others have equal worth.” (p. 556). This is the notion behind Madeleine Leininger’s Culture Care Diversity and Universality Theory. The nurse has the ability to transform from a good nurse, to a truly appreciated individual by providing medical care in connected to how the patient lives their life.

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