Erikson 's Eight Stages Of Psychosocial Development Essay

Erikson 's Eight Stages Of Psychosocial Development Essay

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Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development are an imperative part of human development. “Each stage confronts a person with new developmental tasks that must be mastered for optimal development” (Coon & Mitterer, 2010 p. 106). The psychosocial theory provides an overview of the significant psychological challenges we face in life. Having knowledge about the different stages will give you a view how human development works.
The first phase is the first year of an individual’s life. In our first year of life, we are entirely dependent on others. “Erikson believes that a basic attitude of trust or mistrust is formed at this time” (Coon & Mitterer, 2010 p. 107). Children develop a sense of confidence when they are given proper care and love from their parents. Trust aids babies to become attached to their parents. However, lack of care could lead to mistrust. “Basic mistrust may later cause insecurity, suspiciousness, or an inability to relate to others” (Coon & Mitterer, 2010 p. 107).
Stage two is ages between one to 3 years of age which is called “Autonomy versus shame and doubt.” In this stage, “children need to develop a sense of personal control over physical skills and a sense of independence” (Cherry, 2015). Being successful leads to a sense of autonomy. At first, the child may not be perfect at doing things on their own, but if you give them courage, they will get better. Also, overprotecting your child may cause him or her to feel shameful about their actions and doubt their abilities to achieve a goal.
The third stage is between ages three and five. The primary conflict is initiative versus guilt. In the third stage, children begin to assert control and p...

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...r (heartache and remorse)” (Coon & Mitterer, 2010 p. 108). In this case, the individual may feel like a failure in life then aging and death becomes sources of fear and depression.
In conclusion, I find validity in Erikson’s psychosocial stages. I do believe that if you don’t care for babies correctly that seem to mistrust you. My daughter in more attached to me than the rest of my family because I show her love more than them. I let her attempt to do things on her own without my help so that way she will feel independent. I don’t want her to feel like she lacks the ability to do things on her own. She feels great about herself. I give her, and other children courage and support in school. And not only I give her love and support but also others around me. As for me, I am happy that my parents have taught me a lot in life. They showed me love and support.

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