Essay on Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Ego Identity

Essay on Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Ego Identity

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Erik Erikson’s theory of ego identity versus role confusion seeks to explain how one’s identity is formed during adolescence (Sokol, 2009). This stage of socioemotional development occurs between puberty and the early twenties. During this stage, the positive experience is ego identity, causing the individual to feel comfortable with themselves as they try new things and begin to find what they enjoy to do. The negative result of this is a lack of self-identity, feeling alone and not finding their “true” selves. Using Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory, this paper will analyze and evaluate my current life experience during adolescence through the stage of ego identity versus role confusion.
My family contains of myself, my two parents, my two brothers- seven and twenty years old, two cats, two dogs, and a turtle. It is a very noisy household, but we all get along very well with each other. We used to not get along together well, James E. Marcia explains that “individuals [are] less cooperative with authorities than peers,” when explaining a study (Marcia, 1980, page 166). I have been spending a lot more time with each of my family members lately and we have grown closer since then. My relationships with my family have improved drastically since I started high school because our schedules fit well with everyone else’s and we can have more time with each other.
I have been given many opportunities for more responsibility through my family, mainly through chores. When I think of chores, I don’t immediately think of them being an opportunity, but they help me know what I have to do when I start living on my own. I fold everyone’s laundry, unload the dishwasher, clean off all the dining tables, and give ...

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... physical development, intellectual development, emotional development, and social development (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2015). I have been through a majority of these stages much faster than most teenagers at my age. I feel more self-reliant and rational than a lot of other people at my age level, which is great. I have a very positive view on myself and everything I do now. I have done better in my classes and I’ve felt more comfortable about myself since I have developed my own sense of identity.
I agree with Erik Erikson’s claims that the two parts of the stage that comes along during adolescence. However, I believe that everyone who finds their ego identity during this stage has to go through role confusion to understand what works and doesn’t work for them. I have been through role confusion in order to create the ego identity I have today.

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