Erik Erikson 's Stages Of Self Awareness, Adjustment, Human Development, And Identity

Erik Erikson 's Stages Of Self Awareness, Adjustment, Human Development, And Identity

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In a way to understand psychosocial development, Erik Erikson created eight psychosocial stages beginning at infancy continuing through old age. Erikson believed that “the environment played a major role in self-awareness, adjustment, human development, and identity.” Each stage has a developmental task or an internal crisis. When a stage is completed successfully, the person will obtain more tools for the subsequent stages that follow. Consequently, if a person does not succeed in sufficiently completing a stage, the following inevitable phase will come with added difficulties. Erikson’s stages show the positives and negatives for each period of a person’s life (“Erik”). While all the stages contribute to my progress in life, I personally believe the identity versus role confusion stage has most impacted my development.
The first stage begins the moment a child is born and continues until their first year of infancy. The baby, at this age, will begin to learn trust versus mistrust. The child will absorb the concept of either trusting or mistrusting people and their settings. If the child’s caretaker is receptive to the necessities required with having a baby, the child will learn to trust. However, if the provider ignores the child’s needs, he or she will start to automatically expect the poorest of people and their surroundings. For example, if a baby cries and their mom comes to the baby, the infant can trust that the mom will be readily available and trust their environment. However, if the mom does not come, the baby will not be able to trust and will begin to anticipate the worst of people. The mastering of this stage is the foundation for the following phases to come (“Erik”).
Thereafter, autonomy versus shame and doubt is...

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...on will begin to wonder if he or she had a successful, fulfilling life or have regrets and discontent with their life. For example, this may occur when a person becomes retired (McLeod).
After having examined all eight stages, I relate mostly to the identity versus role confusion stage. I am 18 years old and have stayed at this stage for about a year. I relate mostly to this stage because I am unsure about which college and degree I wish to pursue after the completion of my Associate of Arts degree. I am concerned about how my life will appear in the future because my impending choices may be detrimental to future outcomes. I believe my chosen developmental theory is extremely valid because if my identity is not revealed, I will be lost and have no idea for plans for my future. However, once I discover what I desire to major in, I will have a good plan for my future.

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