Eradicate Poverty in the Third World Essay

Eradicate Poverty in the Third World Essay

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Poverty currently affects over half of the world population. It does not only have physical and mental effects on the body. It is “the state of having little to no money and few to no material possessions” (Canada Space Dictionary, 2014). There are several internal and external elements that are endorsed by personal, national and the global community to help eradicate poverty in the Third World. Some examples include our individual charitable donations, celebrity endorsements, government organizations, the World Bank, and the United Nations 80,000 Hours; ONE; Patterson & CRC Staff, 2012; United Nations; World Bank, 2013. This literature review investigates the role that internal and external foundations have on eradicating poverty in the Third World. It has been hypothesized that the global poverty rate has decreased by 50% due to the assistance provided from foreign aid. With the help from the following ten` articles and sources, I will support and validate my thesis.
There are many reasons why poverty exists in the world today. It starts and continues to grow for many different reasons. One, if not the main reasons for why poverty starts is due to the lack of money in a state, which leads down to the individual family. Supporting this theory is Monica Das Guptans’ (2014) article Population, poverty, and climate change. This article discussed how when a country has ever growing debt there are many cutbacks that the state needs to make. One of the most controversial is reduced wages for jobs. This is where we encounter child and slave “sweat shops”. For families to increase their income, they have more children. This is the next leading problem to poverty. Overpopulation leads to a fast consumption of food in the area. When there...

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