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The Era Of The Pax Romana Essay

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The era of the Pax Romana – though still a period of time filled with civil war and conquests in an attempt to expand the empire – was an overall period of stability for Roman society. During this time the Roman people knew their Emperor was an unwavering political powerhouse with an ability to run the Empire efficiently. In addition to having an efficient political leader, Rome had a strong military force stable enough to protect them from outside forces. The security of the Pax Romana period allowed Romans to focus on politics, culture, and technology providing them the opportunity to progress and flourish as a society.
The changes that occurred throughout the new era of Roman peace could not have occurred without the crowning of the first Emperor of Rome. In 27 B.C.E. Julius Caesar’s nephew and adopted son Augustus was officially crowned. Augustus’s new status as ruler came with many political changes that could be considered a part of a “grassroots movement.” Many of the decisions that Augustus implemented as emperor were built upon and improved as the Era of Peace continued. For example, Augustus was known to have created the first official police and fire task force, before this time the task force compromised of “volunteers” made of slaves (Echols 378). As time moved forward and other Emperors took the throne, there were more changes that were done politically; the most noticeable of these was the change to citizenship for non-Romans and barbarians. The name Pax Romana, though meaning Roman Peace in Latin, was still a warfare filled era in an effort to expand the Roman empire. This expansion of land resulted in the integration of many other peoples and so to accommodate the growing population laws were passed to grant them...

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...p.” For example, Galen of Pergamon was said to have a left a book containing all of his medical research including aged oils and fats that could be used to heal ailments, the medicinal properties of honey and cinnamon, and the other common herbs from different parts of the Roman Empire that can only be found through far off trade routes (Thorndike 88). The advancements in technology were necessary to keep pace with the growing number of citizens and the booming success the growing Empire was undergoing.
The progress in Roman politics, culture, and technology were possible due to the peaceful times provided by the Pax Romana period. The growing citizenship, pride and individuality in being a part the Roman Empire, and the protection that came with the advancements in technology allowed the historians of today to look back on this era and truly call it the Pax Romana.

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