Essay on The Era Of The French Impressionists

Essay on The Era Of The French Impressionists

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The era of the French Impressionists existed with the emergence of the photograph and the industrial revolution. Since they were barely getting noticed or were even rejected from exhibiting their work in the Salon in Paris, the Impressionists banded together to create the Artists’ Cooperative Society of Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, etc. in order to display their work to the Parisian public (Keller 34-35). The Impressionists painters have been described as being “…bewitched by the world around them, in a kind of ‘innocence of vision’, they saw the landscape bathed in light, whether in the streets of the capital scene, regattas on the Seine …or just the gently idleness of a pleasant summer 's day in the meadows” (Keller 35-36).
In response to the sketchy view of the harbor at La Havre in Monet’s, Impression, Sunrise, a critic labeled the painting Impressionism (O ' Mahony 10). This unintentionally provided a name to this new artistic movement. While many artist of the past focused on forming art that was as realistic and detailed as possible, Impressionism gave the “impression” that objects or events were present, with minimal detail. Monet’s influences, subject matter, and artistic phases varied during his early life, midlife, and later life.
Born in the Normandy region of Paris in 1840, Monet’s was not only influenced by the nautical landscape of the region, but also by his first teacher, Boudin, a painter of seascapes and landscapes. In 1859, he went to Paris where he activity sought connections with other artists such as Troyon, Jongkind, Renoir, Sisley and Bazille (Keller 52-53 and O ' Mahony 7-9). His art career was interrupted by the call to military service from 1861-62. However, his artistic eye was inspired ...

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...ion after the death of Alice in 1910 and his son Jean in 1914, his close friend and admirer of his work, Clemenceau, encouraged Monet to paint a massive decoration inspired by the water garden. Although cataracts in both eyes made painting difficult, he built a studio in his garden and worked on this project until he died from lung cancer in 1926. The ensemble, which was opened to the public in 1927, is housed in the Orangerie in the Tuilleries Gardens near the Louvre (O’Mahony 14-15).
The numerous influences, subject matters, and artistic phases that occurred during Monet’s early life, mid-life, and his later life, helped him to develop his own unique style and defined him as possibly the most “…quintessential Impressionist painter” (O ' Mahony 6). His timeless pieces will forever solidify his place among the world’s greatest artists.

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