Essay about The Era Of Social Reform

Essay about The Era Of Social Reform

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The era of Social Reform happened between 1891 to 1940, which was when they distinguished the change from volunteer workers, to trained and paid Social Service Workers. (Notes phase 2, Slide 2&3) In the early nineteenth century, relief was given mostly by private humanitarian societies to improve the living conditions for the poor. Charities and churches that took the poor in, were claimed to be unsystematic and wasteful, and overtime created training programs where they were evolving from volunteers, to trained Social Service Workers. By 1894, just in Toronto alone, there were 43 different charities deemed uncoordinated, and with the new training programs available, they eventually formed the foundation for the University of Toronto’s Social Services Program in 1914. (Hicks Page 36) This was also the era where moral judgement of the poor, slowly turned into the scientific research of clients. (Notes Phase 2, Slide 3)
First in Great Britain, the U.S and later in Canada, Social Work was considered charity absorbed by volunteers, and would eventually be considered licenced workers. Although, volunteers were still taking part in assisting the underprivileged, the introduction to the scientific perspectives began to have an impact on the field. This led to the realization of needing workers that were educated and trained in the field of Social Sciences. (Hicks page 41-42) Which introduces another defining characteristic of this era; Mary Richmond, who influenced the development of modern casework, and innovator in the evolution of Social Work as a career. (Hicks page 42) Richmond believed that the environment that revolved around a person, was more important in their situation, or status of life. (Notes phase 2, slide 4) In 1917 Richm...

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...stay like at the Good Shepherd, or just needing affordable clothing like at the Salvation Army thrift store, you either have to qualify, or the services are open for everyone. Ontario Works considers the following when checking to see if you qualify for welfare; your family size, your necessity for money, how much income you’re currently receiving, employment status, age, student loans, and your living status. At places like the Good Shepherd, and the Salvation army, they tend to be open for everyone, men, women, children, employed, unemployed, disabilities, single, or a family, they have open arms and open hearts. (Good Shepherd, Salvation Army & Salvation Army Websites) In conclusion, although some of the services we have today are open to the people in need, there are some qualifications that still date back to the moral reform era, and might just stay that way.

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