The Era Of Romanticism During The 19 Century War Essay

The Era Of Romanticism During The 19 Century War Essay

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In the late 19 century war, expansion wasn’t the only effects the American and European went through it was also the way artist expressed themselves from paintings. First we have the era of Romanticism for example artist Francisco Goya and Theodore Gericault. In the realism era, we have Honore Daumier, Rosa Bonheur and Winslow Homer about events that happen in that time and didn’t agree on. Post-Impressionism era change philosophy with Friedrich Nietzsche and Gustave Eiffel with architecture. All this has to do with the change they went through with painting , styles and historical event.
A Spaniard painter Francisco Goya (1746-1828) was a social and political revolutionary, in 1789 made court painters to Charles IV of Spain. He sympathizes the Enlightenment and the fall of French Revolution. Worked for king not for loyalty but for a good living, then Francisco Goya was in favor when Napoleons invasion to Spain, hoping it would be modernized. But May 2, 1808, the people of Madrid rose against the French, on the next Napoleon generals executed Spanish hostages in retaliation. Goya famous work the painting of “The Third of may” (1808) painted years later Goya had a change of heart about the invasion of Spain by the French. This brought the Spaniards to death, famine, savage atrocity and violence. The effect on this is Goya had the chance to prevent from his country to be destroyed by the French but he didn’t because he believed the needy order. But in the next day it went wrong French killed his people and there is no treated between the two. In the painting the soldiers face on the right are faceless, inhuman and machine-like. The painting possesses emotional intensity of religion art, in the painting people die for liberty ...

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...f the middle class “beautiful age”. “Dance at the Moulin de la Galette” 1876 the painting is a good example of open restaurants, dance hall in Montmartre, northern section of Paris, the sense of the “Beautiful Age”.
In conclusion Goya, the Spaniard decide to live with wealth instead of helping his country get invade by the French and have his people get murder. Next Theodore paints an historical event which a captain leaves crew member and slaves to die in the middle of sea and made the French Monarchy look bad around the world. Then cartoonist drawing the death of innocent people and making the Parians upset. The evolution of the architecture how steel and brick are the new structure for buildings. In the era of “Beautiful Age” was a new form of painting illustrating the beautiful time for the middle class. All of these thing were effect through the artist work.

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