The Era Of Mass Information And Software Essay

The Era Of Mass Information And Software Essay

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The era of mass information and software at our finger tips, accessible through computers of all shapes and sizes, but are desktops or laptops more beneficial to use for everyday computing needs? With the advancements of modern computers and their components, the average size of computers has shrunk to allow users to have laptops or high powered desktops for everyday use. In comparing which version of computer, desktop or laptop, is better for use by a college student several factors must be looked into including: size/mobility, upgradability, cost, processing power (RAM), memory capacity, video graphics, and cost. Are desktops or laptops better for a college student’s use?
Laptops are one of the most common appliances owned by college students for various reasons. The modern day laptop is small but powerful, allowing students to use it in class to take notes, bring it to a study session, or use it in their room for minor gaming. A laptop can be slid into a book bag and can be used anywhere, at least as long as the battery lasts. A laptop is also ideal for those whom lack or do not which to have to plug in any wires or assemble any parts because laptops are sold as a single unit. Some slight things can be upgraded on a laptop such as hard drives or RAM, but the beauty behind laptops is they work right out of the box, and priced for the average bankrupt college student. The average laptop costs just below $500, but a decent laptop can also be purchased for as low as $200 or as high as $1200, making laptops the general go to in terms of a computer for many people.
Desktops are very common in households for their computational power, but tend to stay out of the college dorm room for various reasons. First off desktops ar...

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...hic cards for varying costs as well but if the user is a hardcore gamer or graphic artist it could beneficial to be able upgrade to a high end graphics card.
Overall desktops and laptops both have key aspects that make them useful for college students. A laptops small size and battery make it ideal for a student who likes to type up teacher lectures or work on their computer in different locations around campus or at home. Laptops also have a relatively low cost. A desktop, though stationary, is ideal for someone who needs a high level of computational power and who is decent with technology and would enjoy upgrading their computer over time. In comparison both types of computers have advantages, but for a college student who lacks money and tends not to play big games or use high level processing programs on their computer a laptop top would be the best choice.

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